Please reference the handout you received regarding the selection of your goal. Your goal must align with the Rock Hill Climb. You can select a suggested or discuss another with your administrator.

GBEs will be processed by the following:

Mr. Waiksnis: Social Studies, Guidance, Instructional Coach, Special Education

Ms. Knight: Science, PE/Health, Home Arts

Ms. Lindsey: Math, Musics, Art

Mr. Pearson: ELA, Language B, Technology, Library

Dates to Remember:
9/8-New GBE Orientation. If you are new to GBE, or have not attended an orientation, you must attend this session. Also, if you have questions regarding GBE process/are unsure you may consider going to this orientation as a re-fresher.

9/15- Declaration of Intent due (See below)

10/7- Goal Consensus Must be Reached with Administrator

2/15- Progress Conference Must be Held; Review of Goals

By 4/15- Review of GBE (Final Meeting must be held)